Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning and Shampooing Services in Dubai

The mold and dust mites multiply in the comfort of humidity and warmth around the house, especially in your mattress, sofa, chair, carpet, and upholstery furniture. These impurities and living organisms contain the enzymes responsible for causing allergic symptoms among the majority of people, varying form itchy eyes to sneezing as well as leading to potential serious illnesses such as asthma, allergy, eczema, bronchitis and etc.

We provide upholstery cleaning service that will not only clean but sanitize and disinfect all your upholstery furniture. Classy Green Upholstery Cleaning Service removes stains, dirt and soiled areas, bacteria and viruses, ensuring the highest standard of hygiene and a healthy living environment. We will revitalize and extend the life of your carpets, sofas, chairs and mattresses!


For further information on upholstery cleaning service, please drop an email to classybmuae@gmail.com