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Maintenance - Classy Green Cleaning & Maintenance Services


Building Maintenance Service Company in Dubai

CLASSY GREEN TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC is a client-focused company so we believe in working with our clients providing customized services that meet your unique needs and expectations. Your satisfaction and pleasure is important to us.


Air Condition Repairs and Maintenance Service


Commercial Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are constantly working to provide comfort and circulate air. This daily, continuous cycle of heating and cooling causes the accumulation of dust particles, fungi, bacteria, allergens and other contaminants. Cleaning your duct system removes these contaminants and prevents them from being circulated throughout the interiors of your building (Apartments/Flats/Villas/Townhouses/Houses).


Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Services

We provide complete solution for repair & maintenance for all types of commercial kitchen equipment from all major brands in Dubai UAE.

We are providing full services for De-Installation/Installation & maintenance of all types of commercial kitchen equipment. We take great pride in all work undertake, with skilled, time served and fully experienced engineers.
1. Emergency Breakdowns / After Sale Support
2. Pre-planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)
3. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
4. Kitchen Equipment Installation Service
5. Troubleshooting


Kitchen Equipment Annual Maintenance Services

Classy Green offers prompt breakdown service for clients who find themselves facing unexpected malfunction of kitchen or commercial catering equipment.

  • Bakery equipment (Planetary Mixer)
  • Bar equipment (Brewer, Coffee Machine, Juicer Dispenser)
  • Refrigeration equipment (Display/Undercounter/Table top chillers, Freezers, Walk-in freezers, Cold rooms & Ice machine)
  • Dish washers (Hoodtype/Undercounter)
  • Food processing equipment (Dough mixer, Meat Mincer & Slicer)
  • Hot equipment (Fryers, Ovens, Holding cabinet & Salamanders)
  • Cooking range (Burners and Hot plates)


Kitchen Duct, Hood & Exhaust Cleaning Service



An effective exhaust-hood cleaning program reduces damaging build-up of cooking grease and smoke in commercial kitchens. CLASSY GREEN Clean improves commercial kitchen safety and code compliance with expert cleaning of hoods, ducts, fans and filters – Kitchen Duct Cleaning | Kitchen Hood Cleaning | Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning == Contact today!


Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Effective Trap Cleaning to Prevent Hazards in Commercial Kitchens

When your grease trap becomes full, it begins to enter the sewer system, which could create a clog. A blocked drain due to an overfull grease trap will hinder function and contribute to a possible back-up in the drainage system. This back-up could in turn pose a potential health hazard as well as foul odors due to stagnant water and grease accumulation.


Floor Polishing & Maintenance Services

Polished hard flooring eventually degrades overtime, especially with high volume traffic. Whether made up of natural stone or man-made stone, hard flooring requires proper cleaning and maintenance.

Thorough hard floor cleaning needs more than just simple vacuuming or sweeping using soft bristle broom. Hard floors require specialized floor maintenance services performed by trusted cleaning professionals to keep a lasting impeccable appearance.


Marble Restoration & Polishing Service

Classy Green’ specialized marble floor polishing retains the pristine condition of marble floors. We make it a point not to use chemical-based and abrasive cleaners that damage your marble flooring. Through our high quality polishing pads, your marble flooring ends up having a highly reflective finish.


Granite Crystallizing and Polishing Service

Granite flooring may be styled flame cut, honed, polished or thermal. Our floor polishing experts has years of experience and well trained for Granite Floor Polishing at their best and bring maximum possible shine to the flooring.


Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Floor Cleaning Service not only looks great for your home and industrial properties, it is also durable and resists against bacteria breeding. One of deep cleaning service is perfect for “scrub-up” of your floor when you want it sparkling clean. We will deep clean each area from left to right, top to bottom, so no detail is overlooked using our equipment. We are specialized in: Tiles & Grout Cleaning, Floor Deep Cleaning, Grout Restoration, Grout Cleaning, Floor Cleaning Services & Tile Cleaning


Epoxy Floor Coating and Painting Service

Industrial usage will be for floor coating for heavy duty usage as well for very specific use in industrial flooring and walls that needs epoxy that are anti-static or dust free or chemical resistance.

For home usage, the trend of having epoxy coating for ceramic tiles or cement screed flooring is starting to become very popular due to the increase in colours choices as well as the characteristic of being very resistance to grease and heat. Another very important reason customers want to do epoxy for their homes mainly their kitchen and toilets walls and floor is due to it being anti slip. It prevents people from having slippery floor and falling down.

Understanding that a high degree of expertise is needed in this area, “Classy Green” is definitely the No.1 Choice for Epoxy Coating in Dubai UAE to property owners.


Garden Maintenance Service

Garden maintenance services are as follows:

Loosening of soil around plants, trees and sprouts to enhance growth and nutrient intake
Fertilizing all sprouts, plants and trees
Pruning of shrubs below 3m and all plants, including those potted
Monthly or responsive application of insecticide and fungicide
Attending to dead or dry leaves, branches etc.
Grass cutting and clearing


Movers and Packers

Coming soon


Professional Painting Service Company

We have the competitive edge to take care of all the painting elements in any project we undertake. From the initial assessment of your home, to the preparation of surfaces and the selection of colours, our friendly staff are here to listen and provide you with the professional advice and painting services you seek. You can avail the best price and high quality of painting services in Dubai for your residential apartment, villa, houses/homes, townhouses and as well as commercial offices, warehouses and warehouses.


Pest Control Service



Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

To maximize the enjoyment of your pool & minimize down time, preventative maintenance services and upgrades such as filter sand changes or pump tune ups are necessary.

Filter & Pump In Tip-Top Condition = Crystal Clean Water & Reduced Chemical Expenses



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