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Grease Trap Cleaning - Classy Green Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Grease Trap Cleaning


Effective Trap Cleaning to Prevent Hazards in Commercial Kitchens

When your grease trap becomes full, it begins to enter the sewer system, which could create a clog. A blocked drain due to an overfull grease trap will hinder function and contribute to a possible back-up in the drainage system. This back-up could in turn pose a potential health hazard as well as foul odors due to stagnant water and grease accumulation.


Contact Classy Green Cleaning Services today for our exceptional Grease Trap Cleaning Services before it is too late. The buildup of grease also catches any particulate matter that finds its way down the drain compounding the already existing problem and should be promptly addressed- delaying the cleaning will cause these particulates to accumulate and this condition will inevitably result in a clogged drainage and sewage system. At Classy Green Cleaning we have worked tirelessly to develop the most time efficient and thorough procedures for cleaning your grease traps currently possible ensuring that you are faced with little to no down time while the grease trap cleaning service is performed. Grease trap cleaning includes but is not limited to removal of grease, cleaning of inlet and outlet pipes as well as drain pipe cleaning; Grease from the grease traps will be emptied and recycled according to DM regulations (Dubai Municipality). After the drains and grease trap or traps are fully cleaned and cleared of debris our free flow solutions are added to the grease traps and pipes to facilitate future drainage.