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Painting Services - Classy Green Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Painting Services

Professional Painting Services in UAE

Wall Painting Services in DubaiMost people would agree that painting is the most inexpensive way to give your home a makeover. But giving your walls a fresh coat of paint can also promote a healthier indoor air quality and change your outlook on your home and living environment by Classy Green’s Professional Painting Services in Dubai.


We have the competitive edge to take care of all the painting elements in any project we undertake. From the initial assessment of your home, to the preparation of surfaces and the selection of colours, our friendly staff are here to listen and provide you with the professional advice and painting services in dubai you seek.


For more information, give our friendly staff a call on 055-156 7861


With years of experience and track records for taking care of landed properties, We believe that we can take great care of your landed properties to our utmost quality and safety standards.

Proper scheduling and planning are necessary to provide a total hassle free painting service to allow owners to have a very enjoyable experience in painting their homes. Landed homes have a range of services that are needed like interior painting, exterior painting, wood and metal works painting as well as any waterproofing issues due to the natural environment as well as bad care of the walls during stay. We do have a standard and stringent process that we follow through step by step to get the most suitable paint system for your home (Painting Works in Dubai).


House Painting Service in Dubai Professional Painting Services Dubai UAEHouse painting company in dubai


Process of Painting Interior:

1) Moving of furnitures (if require)

2) Laying of protection to floor and furnitures

3) Patching of wall cracks or Nails/holes filling

4) Application of 2 coats of interior paint.

commercial painting services in dubai

Painting Contractors in DubaiResidential Painting Service in Dubai

When it comes to Painting Services in Dubai – Classy Green Painting Contractor would be the perfect choice with most reasonable prices “Dubai Painting Service” for Apartment Painting, Villa Painting and Office Painting in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Choose the right Painting Service Company for your property in Dubai, UAE:

Painting Services in DubaiTrained Painters

We only hire careers painters and can ensure the utmost quality when it comes to your painting project.


Painting Service DubaiFully Insured and Licensed

We are fully insured and registered Apartment Painting Company in Dubai… all for your peace of mind.


Painting Services in DubaiCare and Protection

We’ll treat your home or business like it was our own. We protect all surface and clean up thoroughly.


Painting Service DubaiNo Cutting Corners

Pardon the pun, but our reputation speaks for itself. We do your painting job right the first time.


Trust the professional painters at Classy Green Dubai Painting Company. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our service from start to finish.



Providing expert residential painting and commercial painting in Dubai area. Provider of a wide array of painting & associated services to 100% client satisfaction, including:


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