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“Classy Green Cleaning Services Dubai” clean air conditioners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah (UAE – United Arab Emirates). Air conditioning cleaning experts.

Put “Classy Green Cleaning Services Dubai” to the challenge! We do not charge to come out and inspect your property whether it is residential buildings (apartments, flats, townhouses, flats, homes, private villas) or commercial spaces (offices, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and clinics etc) – So call us, and if it results in a Classy Green Dubai and it isn’t the most thorough clean your machine has every had, then the clean is FREE. When it comes to “AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai” Classy Green would be the the perfect choice for it with professional touch.

Classy Green is Dubai’s primary HVAC air conditioning cleaning specialist providing services and knowledge for a broad array of industries in Dubai and all over UAE since 2013. Our teams are fully mobile so there is nowhere that we cannot service.

We have vastly experienced sales and field staff who can advise the best way to proceed with any HVAC Hygiene or facility cleaning issue. We have also adapted the skills and techniques to provide services in other areas including mould remediation/removal, smell from a/c unit removal, building remediation and industrial air condition cleaning. Workplace health and safety management and training is proactive and a primary cultural motivator throughout the company.

Air conditioner odours, mould or temperature a problem?

Classy Green Cleaning Services‘s air conditioner cleaning and mould remediation services keep your air con units internal components ductwork surfaces hygienically cleaner and free from recontamination from mould for longer (mold removal).

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Air Conditioner Cleaning Service in Dubai, UAE (Before & After Picture)

One of Dubai’s trusted Air Conditioning Cleaning Experts

Achieve sustained air conditioner cleanliness, temperature set point control and lower running and maintenance costs with Classy Green Duct Cleaning’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) cleaning services.

Providing quality AHU and Ducted Air Conditioner Cleaning Services (AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai)

Classy Green Duct Cleaning’s air conditioner cleaning service is tailored to any air conditioning or ventilation system, building type, working environment or project size. Our AC inspection, cleaning and reporting services ensure an accurate assessment of your air conditioner or exhaust ventilation system hygiene challenge. Each air con cleaning package includes:

  • System inspection – assesses component, surface and duct cleanliness levels, access limitations, pre-existing damage (i.e corrosion, insulation) or degradation caused by fire, smoke or water factors.
  • Hygiene Inspection Report – reports inspection findings, details scope of works recommendations and quote pricing. Our inspection report ensures our clients have greater budgetary and scheduling transparency.
  • Hygiene service – cleans and treats AC system coils, duct work and surfaces or relines or replaces duct work (if required)
  • Completed works Hygiene Report – provides written evaluations and supporting before and after digital images
  • Hygiene Certificate – issued upon completion of works

Aircon Cleaning and Duct Cleaning Benefits

Classy Green Duct Cleaning Services offer a number of health and savings benefits. Including:

  • 100% reduction in occupant complaints and dissatisfaction
  • 99.7% reduction of ignition sources within your AC system
  • 75% reduction of indoor allergens resulting in improved indoor air quality, occupant health and productivity
  • 25% increase in electricity savings
  • 15% improved airflow over the coil resulting in significant component efficiency
  • 15% improvement in asset life gains through biofilm re-colonization protection

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We are HVAC Hygiene Specialists

HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Most systems are serviced by mechanical service companies. These services only concentrate on keeping the equipment operating, moving air and controlling the temperature.

HVAC Hygiene is the inspection, maintenance and restoration of the system that includes the cleaning of dust, debris and biological matter that builds up in the system. The HVAC system passes the air that we breathe through these occupied spaces. Over time the system can be affected by corrosion, deterioration of protective surfaces, insulation and other internal components. This may entail replacement or remediation of internal components.

Clean Air can perform HVAC Hygiene restoration on all the various components of the HVAC system.

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Air Conditioning Units can be put into 3 main categories

AC Duct Cleaning Dubai - Air Conditioner Maintenance and AC Servicing Dubai

AHUs- Air Handling Units

These are the lungs of a modern centrally air conditioned building, they move air through the occupied space, introduce outside air, filter, cool, heat and de-humidify the air and then reintroduces it to the space. They are generally located on the roof or in plant rooms on various floors.

AHUs- Air Handling Units

These are smaller versions of AHUs often installed in ceiling spaces. They may be part of a central chilled water system or an individual split refrigeration system. Minor systems may be in a Wall Mounted, Cassette or Under Ceiling configurations.

Package Units

These are independent systems which include the FCU with a refrigeration system in a single system.

Air Conditioning Unit Cleaning

The basic air side components of AHU, FCU and Package Units are a Mixing Plenum, Filter Section, Cooling Coil, Condensate Tray and Drains, Supply Air Fans & Motors and a discharge plenum. Classy Green will clean and treat all internal surfaces of the AHU, FCU or Package Unit. A major item is the Coil Cleaning as mentioned previously. See Coil Cleaning


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