Floor Polishing Services for Tiles, Marble, Granite, Limestone, Natural Stones, Wooden & Parquet + Grout Restoration in Dubai, UAE:

Over few years, Classy Green Floor Polishing’s Specialties has a proven track record of providing top quality floor restoration solutions for Natural Stone, Marble, Concrete & Tiles in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

We provide recommendations and solutions to exterior/interior surface preservation and restoration with the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional results. We have defined what custom specialty floor restoration services should be – by being attentive and respectful of our customer’s demands and requirements and adhering to the principle of doing it right the first time. 

We keep abreast with technology trends. We would like to assure our clients that we are well equipped, committed, and utilize the most advanced and up-to- date technology. Our knowledge and experienced “floor polishers” will ensure that our clients are given dependable and reliable long term stone floor solutions. We cater to large or small projects and offer custom or simple restoration solutions for floors, counter tops, walls, or steps/staircase. Whether it is marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, tiles, wooden/parquet or concrete we restore them all…. Marble and Tile floors are our specialty…!!!

Get a free on site evaluation now. Our team & staff are always available to visit your premises, evaluate your project, educate you on the various options, and design a proper cost effective solution.

Our Services under this section:

  • Tiles Polishing / Sealing / Impregnation (Natural Stone & Concrete)
  • Floor Surface Polishing (Marble, Granite, Concrete, Natural Stone, Wooden/Parquet, Vinyl, Manmade surfaces)
  • Stone surface Honing (Marble, Granite, Wooden, Vinyl, Natural Stone)
  • Grout  Cleaning & Restoration (Refilling, Fixing, Regrouting)
  • Grinding, Restoration, Crystallizing & Floor leveling for Marble, Granite, Concrete & manmade surfaces)
  • Floor Deep Cleaning (Marble, Granite, Natural Stone, Tiles, Hard Wood Floor/Parquet & manmade surfaces)
  • Wooden Floor Sanding / Varnishing / Repainting / Coating
  • Stain Removal (Marble, Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles, Granite, Natural surfaces)
  • Concrete Polishing & Epoxy Flooring, Coating & Painting
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Programs

Floor Tiles and Grout Cleaning in Dubai, UAE

Floor tiles and grout deep cleaning services in Dubai UAE“Classy Green Floor Cleaning Services” serves the Dubai area with professional tile and grout cleaning as well as restoration services. The professionals at Classy Green help your discolored and dirty tile, grout and marble finishes. We always deep clean and sanitize tile and grout lines to make sure your floors, countertops, bathrooms and kitchens look immaculate.
Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, hard wood floor and other man-made tile (and especially grout lines) occasionally need to be cleaned and maintained. In a commercial setting, the ceramic tile and porcelain tile that have textured finishes have a tendency to collect dirt in the rough areas. These tiles usually collect dirt due to improper cleaning processes and the use of improper cleaners. If you live in the Dubai area and need assistance with professional floor and hard surface cleaning, or help with your ceramic and porcelain tile and grout floors, shower walls, and other surfaces call Prestige today. We carry a full line of cleaners and care products specifically designed to keep your tile and grout clean.


Are you wondering “how to clean grout” without removing it? Or, do you have tiles that need restoring because they’ve gotten dirty or broken? We can help! Trust us with your tile and grout cleaning.

Residential Floor Tiles and Grout Cleaning:


Classy Green can restore your kitchen tile and grout to a like new appearance with an advanced cleaning process. While servicing your floors a color sealant can also be applied to your grout changing its appearance and giving your floor a completely new look.

Commercial Floor Tiles and Grout Cleaning:

Floor Tiles and Grout Cleaning Services in Dubai, Deep Cleaning Company UAE

Classy Green will present a like new appearance for your customers by removing years of dirt build up from your tile and grout in your entry way, dining, kitchen and restroom areas caused by foot traffic.

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