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Air Duct Cleaning - Classy Green Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Air Duct Cleaning



For almost 7 years, CLASSY GREEN TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC has been a trusted partner in specialized residential services – cleaning and properly maintaining your homes Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and chimneys to improve your indoor air quality and protect your family’s health and safety. Classy Green delivers a range of expertise in residential cleaning services including; HVAC systems, dryer ducts & vents, kitchen exhaust systems, oil & gas chimneys and more. Classy Green provides thorough service to help ensure a clean and healthy environment for your home and family. All of Classy Green’s dedicated technicians are well trained and ready to provide the professional (AC Cleaning) Air duct cleaning service for your residential properties (Apartments/Flats/Villas/Townhouses/Houses).

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AC Duct Cleaning Dubai
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AC Maintenance Dubai
air duct cleaning company in dubai
Air Duct Cleaning Dubai
















Residential Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are constantly working to provide comfort and circulate air. This daily, continuous cycle of heating and cooling causes the accumulation of dust particles, fungi, bacteria, allergens and other contaminants. Cleaning your duct system removes these contaminants and prevents them from being circulated throughout the interiors of your building.

Our field technicians are rigorously trained and prepared to follow all of the health and safety requirements. Classy Green is completely certified and insured, so you can rely on us for experienced and professional care of your HVAC system. See Residential Duct Cleaning and AC Maintenance Dubai.

Dubai Duct Cleaning That Makes a Difference

Do you find your home is dusty even after you’ve cleaned? Do you have pets? Does a member of your household suffer from allergies? Are you concerned about the quality of the air you breathe in your home every day? If any of these considerations resonate with you, then regular duct cleaning in Dubai is essential to you and your family’s well-being. We provide straight forward and efficient duct cleaning services that effectively remove dust, dirt, animal hair, allergens and other pathogens that collect over time in your furnace and ducts. Duct Cleaning also ensures your furnace is operating at peak performance, as it was designed.

Breathe Clean Air and Save Money with an Classy Green Furnace and Duct Cleaning service in Dubai.

When you choose Classy Green to clean your furnace and ducts, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly, with the best in class equipment. Our knowledgeable, highly trained and experienced technicians are equipped with the latest technology. We use only the top of the line truck mounted, high volume vacuums and compressors to service you best.

Our goal is to keep your living environment comfortable and the air you breathe clean and fresh.


FAQs About Air Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE:


What are the benefits of Cleaning My Furnace and Duct Systems?

Furnaces and ducts work to collect a variety of contaminants that have the potential to affect health, such as mold, fungi, bacteria, allergens, hair, dirt and dust. Regular cleaning of your furnace and ducts will improve the air quality in your home, leading to overall improved health of occupants. Not to mention, this can substantially reduce the amount of dusting and cleaning for your home.


How Do I Know If My HVAC Duct System Needs Cleaning?

Your furnace and ducts need cleaning if you notice:

– Your home is constantly dusty

– Family members with allergies have worsening symptoms

– You notice persistent odors in your house

– Vent covers are dirty

– Recent home renovation or new home purchase

– Airflow to parts of your home is weak

– Some rooms are warmer than others

– Your Furnace frequently cycles on and off


How Often Should I Have My AC Duct CLeaned?

In order for your HVAC system to operate at its peak we recommend you to clean your ducts bi-annually.


How Much Does It Cost To Have My Air Duct Cleaned?

Classy Green offers furnace and duct cleaning packages that cater specifically to your needs, starting at AED 300 for Studio Apartment. For More information on AC Cleaning Prices for Apartments, Houses, Villas, Homes, Offices – Contact us.

For Queries & Quotations: Please call us on +97155 156 7861 or e-mail at


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