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Residential Cleaning - Classy Green Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Residential Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

We have a wide variety of residential cleaning services to match your requirements. Whether it is on a fixed, regular basis or a one-time event, we will ensure your home will be professionally cleaned and tidied.

Home Cleaning Services are:

Quality assurance:

* Excellent Customer Service Support – If something is not up to your expectation, let us know within one working day and we promise to return to attend to it.

There can be nothing more relaxing than walking into a house that is clean and with everything set in its place. After a stressful day at work coming back to a dirty house and cleaning it can be quite hectic. But now with Classy Green Cleaning you don’t have to think about it. Classy Green can help you clean your house from top to bottom and make your life easier and happier. We ensure timely household work for you while keeping cleanliness as our main focus. From polishing stove tops to dusting the furniture and vacuuming the carpeted areas, our professional cleaners are well trained to make your house look spick and span. Our services comprise full mopping job; dusting furniture and appliances out; vacuuming job; bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

Residential Cleaning service is available any time any day as any other professional service that we offer. We make sure we choose the right cleaner to care for your home.

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