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Upholstery Cleaning - Classy Green Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning and Shampooing Services in Dubai

The mold and dust mites multiply in the comfort of humidity and warmth around the house, especially in your mattress, sofa, chair, carpet, and upholstery furniture. These impurities and living organisms contain the enzymes responsible for causing allergic symptoms among the majority of people, varying form itchy eyes to sneezing as well as leading to potential serious illnesses such as asthma, allergy, eczema, bronchitis and etc.

We provide upholstery cleaning service that will not only clean but sanitize and disinfect all your upholstery furniture. Classy Green Upholstery Cleaning Service (Sofa/Couch/Carpet/Rug/Mattress/Curtain/Fabric Chairs) removes stains, dirt and soiled areas, bacteria and viruses, ensuring the highest standard of hygiene and a healthy living environment. We will revitalize and extend the life of your carpets, sofas, chairs and mattresses!


Our Upholstery DEEP & STEAM Cleaning/Shampooing Service Covers as follows:

✅ Sofa Cleaning ✅ Carpet Cleaning ✅ Rug Cleaning ✅ Mattress Cleaning ✅ Curtains Cleaning ✅ Couch Cleaning   ✅ Furniture Cleaning ✅ Fabric Chairs Cleaning ✅ Cushions Cleaning ✅ Upholstery Steam Cleaning ✅ Upholstery Cleaning


Are you done with the cleaning of the house? Are the carpets, rugs, shelves cleaned or wiped and mopped? But are they clean? What about washing the curtains, the bed sheets, the pillow covers, and the sofa covers? Are they clean and without any germs or smelling right? If you are in Los Angeles, you could rather give us a call for professional and thorough upholstery cleaning dubai, at our helpline number (+971  55 1567 861).

Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

office carpet cleaning in dubai

Keeping carpets clean is crucial in maintaining a healthy environment. Nothing gets the job done more thoroughly and effectively than the “Classy Green” cleaning system. Our well trained cleaners use the extraction method as recommended by most carpet manufacturers worldwide. Over the years, we have kept numerous carpets clean and free from dirt, grime, toxins and harmful allergens. Environmental studies show that the quality of indoor air can be up to 100 times worse than the outdoors. Breathing contaminated air can be especially harmful for babies, the elderly and those with respiratory and allergy problems. Together with regular vacuuming, professional carpet cleaning & maintenance can ensure that your home and office are free from damaging air-borne contaminants.

Carpets are a good way to brighten up your home or office, giving it a nice and cosy ambiance and making the floors warmer and softer. The children are safer when they are playing on the floor. The problem with carpet are that you must take good care of them and clean them regularly to avoid stains, odors and marks.


Sofa Cleaning in Dubai or Couch Cleaning

We offer Sofa Cleaning Dubai, and along with that, we offer specialized cleaning of couches, cushions, carpets air ducts, rugs and kitchen tiles and grouts. We have dedicated teams of cleaners who know their work and how to get rid of the toughest of stains and stench from the carpets, upholstery and air ducts that may have been accumulating over years.


Rug Cleaning in Dubai or Carpet Floor Cleaning

Rug Cleaning DubaiRugs are an ideal way to bring some class and warmth into your home. What makes rugs such an ideal décor item is the fact that you can choose from an endless variety of designs and colors. Rugs can be expensive. Exotic rugs are usually hand-made from delicate fibers and they are woven with colorful design patterns and details. Many exotic rugs are one of a kind.

Classy Green Cleaning Services Dubai is experienced in rug cleaning and understands the care that needs to be taken when they get stained. Regular vacuuming with normal vacuum cleaners will not necessarily guarantee that your Afghan rug is clean. These vacuum cleaners only remove the dust from the surface but not much more.

We recommend that you use our professional services frequently to restore your rugs’ colors and to ensure they last. Our cleaners know that rugs consist of several layers of underlying linings that cannot be accessed with daily vacuuming. It is not just the dirt that you need to get rid of in your rug. Every day cleaning of your exotic rugs will keep in them looking good but not completely germ-free or really clean. Classy Green Cleaning Services Dubai selects only the best technicians because we know the importance of keeping your rugs hygienic and odor free. Classy Green Technical Services LLC is the industry leader when it comes to providing complete cleaning results and reasonable rates.


Curtains Steam Cleaning in Dubai

Curtains, drapery and other window coverings act as a giant air filter in your home, trapping dust, pollutants and grime. That’s why it’s critical to clean curtains regularly – not only to preserve the life of your decor, but also to maintain the air quality in your home.


Mattress Cleaning in Dubai

Mattress Cleaning DubaiDry Steam Mattress Cleaning Service

We sleep on our mattress about 30% of our day, mattress collects alot of bacteria, mites and dust. House Dust mites is very common in mattresses (HDM) they feed on flakes of shed human skin which our mattress is full of. Many people do not realize they have dust mites because they can be seen only by 10x magnification.

Mattress Sanitizing

Dust mites are microscopic, when You move on the the mattress while sleeping it acts like a bellows and puffs up particles that contain Guanine found in dust mite excrement. These particles pass through protectors and bedding and land on our face and skin and thats the reason we also breath them. use the Classy Green Mattres Cleaning Services For Best Results



Why to Call Classy Green for Upholstery Cleaning Service in Dubai?

Why should you call us for Dubai Upholstery Cleaning? We, from Upholstery Cleaning in Dubai, have got the most advanced technology and the most useful tools to help us in cleaning the covers of pillows, cushions, sofa covers, couches and even curtains and bed sheets. It has been found that curtains though are sure to protect us from the bright sunlight and even gives us privacy from the world outside, the part of curtains that is facing the road will be entirely covered in pollutants and dust. Though many of us might vacuum curtains, once a week, or even once a while, pollutants and allergens hiding between the stylish tassels of the curtains or the curtain holders might not get removed with that.

For further information on upholstery cleaning service in Dubai UAE, please drop an email to


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