End Of Tenancy Painting Dubai

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House Painting Service in Dubai

End Of Tenancy Painting Dubai

End of Tenancy Painting in Dubai

If you are looking for professional, reliable & trusted Move Out Painting Company in Dubai then you have arrived at right place. Our experienced and dedicated staff provide an excellent service, whether your project is residential, commercial or requires a specialist finish.

When it comes to Painting Services in Dubai – Classy Green Painting Contractor would be the perfect choice with most reasonable prices “Dubai Painting Service” for Apartment Painting, Villa Painting and Office Painting in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

For Professional Company of End of Tenancy Painting Services in Dubai give us a call now at +971 55 156 7861 or email on classybmuae@gmail.com


We pride ourselves on our customer service. To ensure we build and maintain the best types of relationships with our clients, we offer a free consultation service before any work is undertaken (Studio Apartment, Flat, Villa, Townhouses, Penthouse, Home & House)

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We are here to help you for all your painting needs (Move Out Painting Services)!

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villa deep cleaning dubai

Villa Deep Cleaning Dubai

Villa Deep Cleaning Dubai

villa deep cleaning dubai

If you’ve ever wondered how other people keep their homes clean, despite their busy lives, the answer could be right here in front of you. Affordable Villa Deep Cleaning Dubai. We are proudly cleaning houses, condos, offices, and rental spaces all across the city and we would love to add your home to our list!

Deep Cleaning Services for Residential Properties (Apartment/Villa/Townhouses/Home & House)

Outside of Cupboards, Countertops, Sinks and Taps, Fridges, Washing Machines, Dish Washers, Stove Exterior, Microwave Oven Interior and exterior, Floors vacuumed and washed & Garbage removal.

Exterior of vanities, Bathtubs, Showers, Basins, Toilets, Wall Tiles, Western Commode WC, Mirrors & Empty Trash Bins.

  • Bedrooms Deep Cleaning Service
    Dust Surfaces, Dust Furnitures and Doors, Wooden Cupboards, Dust Window Sills, Vacuum and Wash Floors, Grout Cleaning, Vacuum Carpets, Clean Laundry Room & Remove Trash.

Additional cleaning services for Residential Properties (Apartment/Villa/Townhouses/Home & House)
Dust and wipe down wood trims and doors, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets – Inside and Out, Clean inside of fridge, Clean inside of Oven, Spot cleaning of walls, Walls and Ceiling cleaning, Bathroom grout cleaning using specialized products, Dust light fixtures, Clean interior windows sills and frames, Interior window cleaning, Clean sockets and switches, Vacuum Sofa and chairs, Vacuum curtains and under seat cushions, Clean Chairs and Railings, Wash Interior doors and frames Clean door knobs throughout home And more…

All of our Cleaning Specialists are people who have spent a great deal of time training to know all of the techniques needed for cleaning all types of homes. Each Cleaning Specialist understands how to use their tools, such as which cloths to use for glass, ceramic or stainless steel, as well as knowing the right kind of mops to use on tile, laminate or engineered hardwood flooring. We pride ourselves on hiring employees who are bonded and insured – so you can rest assured that your space is in good hands.

Call us for quote today @ +971551567861 or classybmuae@gmail.com

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